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Plan Your Camp

Once you have a rough idea as to what you want to do on the camp, you can complete the Draft Itinerary. We will advise you if there is any problem with your choices and suggest possible alternatives.

If you have a particular interest in any excursion options that have not been listed, please let us know so that we can CUSTOM DESIGN YOUR PROGRAMME TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS.

Pages 34-40 of The Camp Booklet pdf are designed to assist in the preparation of your own camp booklet.
All the necessary information documents for a successful camp are available on the Information PDF's download page.

Continental $6.50 $7.50
Full $7.50 $9.00
LUNCH $7.00 $9.00
DINNER $10.80 $13.10
ACCOMMODATION $21.00 $29.00
FULL DAY MEALS - Continental $24.30 $29.60
FULL DAY MEALS - Full Breakfast $25.30 $31.10

A Copy of the Fees PDF can be downloaded here.



Fees include: morning / afternoon teas and supper.


These rates do not apply to community groups.


Separate rates need to be negotiated with the Camp School Manager.


Campers are required to bring 1 fitted single sheet, 1 flat single sheet, 1 pillowslip and toiletries. Please no sleeping bags. Linen can be ordered by prior arrangement. The cost of linen hire is approx. $10.00.


Campers are responsible for serving and cleaning of meals, washing and wiping of dishes and general tidiness of dormitories


BRIDGETOWN. Lucieville Farm

PEMBERTON.Cascades/Dave Evans BiCentennial Tree/Big Brook Dam/Beedelup Falls/Pemberton Train Ride.

WALPOLE. WOW Wilderness Eco Cruises / Tree Top Walk / Ancient Empire - Valley of the Giants plus other local attractions

BUSSELTON. Busselton Jetty and Underwater Observatory
DONNELLY RIVER. Flat Water Canoeing / Bush Track Cycling / Flying Fox and if a 4th activity is needed - Raft Making
To see full discriptions and pricing visit the Full Day Programs page here


Talison Mine / Greenbushes Discovery Centre / Creating Bee Gardens / Bee Hotels / Healing Gardens / Hunting For Mini Beasts / Team Challenge - Fast and Furious / Team Challenge-Slow and Steady / Bridgetown Discovery Quiz / Da Vinci Team Code / Photo Orienteering / Swimming Pool / Sports Fun Inflatables / Donnybrook Apple fun Park / Action Games.

Full Descriptons and Pricing here.



Recreation Centre / Tabloid Sports / All Thumbs Juggling / Drumming / Stretch/Relax / Zumbatomic / Djembemoves-Drumming / Yoga-Relaxation-Mindfulness / Creating A Dreamcatcher / Vision Board / Mini Beasts Night Stalks / Balingup Ghost Walks / Bridgetown After Dark.

Full Description and Pricing here.


LIFESKILLS: (Fun, Hobby and Environmentally Conscious Activities)

Yoga-Relaxation-Mindfulness / Creating A Dream Catcher / Vision Board / Pottery/Drumming / All Thumbs Juggling / Healing Gardens/Creating Bee Gardens and Bee Hotels / Djembemoves / All Thumbs Juggling / Totem Pole Play Days.

Full Description and Pricing here.

REMEMBER: “prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance.”


1. Check that the camp deposit has been paid. Doing so secures your booking. Complete and return the Booking Form and Hire Agreement.
2. Read the department’s policies on camps and excursions and activities on: and follow the links to Excursions: Off School Site Activities and Water Based Excursion Policy.
3. Check out our website:
4. Check that you have received the latest version of the Bridgetown Camp School – Camp Information Booklet. (Please dispose of old versions.)
5. Arrange transport.

1. Send home and have returned the following forms: Parent Information, Parent Consent and Contract, Medical and Water Based Authority, and Media and Video Permission.
2. Complete the Draft Itinerary form and fax back to camp school on 9761 1866. (Camp Manager will then forward a programme draft for comment.)

LEADING UP TO CAMP. (The earlier the better in most cases.)
1. Complete the required Excursion Management Plans and have them signed-off by the Principal.
2. Send Clothing and Equipment Checklist home.
3. Send a copy of the Camp Programme and any other final details of camp to parents and receive payment for camp.
4. Prepare Camp Booklets to include Dear Diary, Duty Roster, quizzes, crossword etc.
5. Allocate dormitories and draw up Dormitory Competition score-sheet.
6. Finalize evening programme and make wet weather alternatives – just in case.
7. Organize a staff roster and a student Duty Roster.
8. Brief all campers, including teachers and parent helpers, on roles and responsibilities – including the role of the Camp Manager and camp staff.
9. Complete the Safety and Behavior Policy form with students.
10. Ensure that you have received from the camp school: a copy of the final programme; sample Excursion Management Plans; background information and worksheets on pertinent excursions and activities; and a copy of a quote Camp Invoice (Note: One invoice is issued and includes all accommodation, meal, activity and excursion costs.)
11. Procure a drink container for the return trip home.
12. Completed and faxed the Camp School Return form at least two weeks prior to arrival.

The Camp Checkist can be printed from the Camp Booklet - Download


1. Meet in the dining room and provide the manager with a list of all students and staff attending camp and a copy of a completed Safety and Behavior policy.
2. The students will be briefed on the camps dormitory rules and policy. Students then begin unpacking and making their beds.
3. The Camp Manager will then conduct a camp orientation.
4. Student shower prior to dinner.
5. The Camp Manager will conduct the first meal for Teachers-in-Charge new to the camp school.
6. Again for Teachers-in-Charge new to the camp school the Camp Manager will explain campers duties.
7. Prior to the evening programme the Camp Manager will usually have completed his duties and gone home.


1. Please read Camp Roles, specifically Camp Leader Role.



1. Students complete normal duties. There are no extra duties. Please ensure dishes, especially, are well cleaned and dry. Students are to clean out their dormitories, vacuum the floors and make the beds the same as when they arrived.
2. Prior to departing gather students in the meeting room for final farewells.
3. Pick up Camp Invoice and a Camp School Feedback Form.
4. Make a booking for the following year.


The Camp Checkist can be printed from the Camp Booklet - Download

The Draft Itinerary needs to be completed and returned a minimum of one month prior to camp.

See Checklist - Prior to Camp for details


The Camp Returns Forms also need to be completed and returned a minimum of one month prior to camp.

See Checklist - Prior To Camp for details.

The Draft Itinerary and the Camp Return Forms can be printed from the Camp Booklet. Download Here