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Lifeskills are an eclectic mix of fun, hobby, and environmentally conscious activities conducted in camp by various local people who share the following skills with students:
(N.B. This list is just an example of the type of activities which we offer)

One lifeskill activity is selected per 15 students (approx) and a rotation of all activities is set up.
Evening Activities are marked.



Fully qualified Yoga instructor and certified Life Coach, with over 10 years’ experience.We may come to Yoga in order to increase our fitness, our flexibility or our strength, either mental or physical. Perhaps we come to yoga to reduce stress, cope with stress, learn how to relax, learn how to breathe or practice meditation. Perhaps we want to grow spiritually, improve our self- confidence or improve our relationships. Whatever our initial motivation, with commitment and practice, we find that Yoga can support us to achieve all the above.

Yoga is not a religion, but is a practical philosophy for increasing physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Susie describes Yoga as: ”Breathing and Smiling.” With your input she can put together a session tailored to support your desired outcomes for your students.

Cost: Minimum $100 per hour for up to 40 students. Over 40 students - $2.00 each - No GST


Students are guided through the making of their own dreamcatcher, using materials from nature and recycled objects.

Cost: $100 per hour up to 25 students. Over $25 students $4 each - No GST


VISION BOARD: With Susie Ascott

A vision board is a pictorial representation of your student’s aspirations for their life, made using collage and texters

Cost: $100 per hour up to 25 students. Over $25 students $4 each - No GST



Clay Pottery gives the freedom to play and bring a form into creation.
Using their hands, eyes, hearts and minds to develop new skills of
co-ordination and techniques while working with clay.
Enjoying the touch and feel of this medium and learning to trust themselves and their ideas. Turning a lump of mud into ...
: $6.00 per student Min $120.00 No GST

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