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Half Day Programs

GREENBUSHES: ( 15 kms From Bridgetown )

Talison Mine - GreenbushesTalison Mine: Is the main industry in the immediate area. The Greenbushes open cut operation is one of the world’s largest suppliers of two key strategic minerals - tantalum and lithium. Tantalum is mostly used in capacitors for electronics, including Sony ‘play stations’ and mobile phones. Lithium is used in glassware, TV tubes, computer monitors, fibreglass and ceramics. The tour includes viewing the open cut mine, the tantalum processing plant,
re-vegetation areas illustrating the environmental policies and the interpretative and interactive resources at the Discovery Centre.

The Greenbushes Discovery Centre Tour: is included as part of the Talison Mine Tour or can be visited in its own. Students receive an introductory talk on the history of Greenbushes prior to entering both the Timber and Mining Modules. The Greenbushes Discovery Centre tells the story of human involvement with the environment. It houses interactive displays and unique games set in various themes namely Mining, Timber Milling, Community and Agriculture all under the umbrella of "The Land" Experience the "Discovery Forest" interactive timber display or explore the "Discovery Decline" replica underground tunnel. Entry charges are sponsored by Talison mining for school groups. No Charge - Non school groups $5.00 per head
Download: Talison Excursion Management Plan


Green Tree Naturopathy / Sustainable LivingBee Gardens

Tracy shares her beautiful, sustainable 5 acre property to show students the benefit of native bees in the garden. She takes students through the life cycle of the native bees and their importance as pollinators. The workshop is completed with the students making their own bee
hotel to take home.
Cost: $150.00 per session No GST
Group size 20-30 1-1/2 hours

1 Hour Sessions - NO CHARGE

Green Tree Naturopathy / Sustainable Living

Students are lead through a sustainable healing garden learning about
herbal healing plants. They will make herbal teas and infusions and learn about other herbal products to make.
Cost: $150.00 per session No GST Group size 20-30 1-1/2 hours


Activities including making your own collecting nets, learning some amazing insect facts then hunting for the mini beasts that live around the Greenbushes Pool.
Cost: $6.36 + GST per student 11/2 hours Any group size. Any group size up to 70.

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